Summertime with the boys! - Amarillo

By Cory Jackson in amarillo family portrait summer boys dancing smiles

I'm hoping that most of you who know me are aware I was a cheerleader my senior year in high school. Well I was lucky enough to have an awesome partner who helped me make the most of the experience and has been a great friend over the years. Andi and her sister Shelby were both a part of that time in my life and we all had some great times back in the day! Well I was lucky enough to catch up with the both of them during my trip to Amarillo while getting the chance to meet their awesome group of boys for a photo session. 

These guys are a handful for sure, but super sweet and you can't beet smiles like these. It was great to get to see Andi and Shelby for even a short visit, but I'll be sure to see them my next trip in the fall! 

Enjoy these great smiles and moments from my dear friends! 


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