Burleson Family!

By Cory Jackson

A few weeks back I got the chance to meet a super happy little man named Grafton! I couldn't find a way to get him to NOT smile! I love it when this happens and especially when the parents are just ok with letting them be happy and getting whatever images might come with that joy! These were shot in the Georgetown downtown square. I'm sure some of you will recognize the blue doors! Seems to be crazy popular spot since I had to wait in line behind two other photographers shooting sessions that same morning. Of course these images have never been shot like this!!! (smile & wink) 


Thankful things!

By Cory Jackson

Coming out of the Thanksgiving holiday I was given some reminders of things to be thankful for. Sunsets, sunrises, cooler weather, college football victories, true friendships, lazy afternoons with naps and man's best friend by your side, fall colors, the smell of grilling on cold afternoons, and finally..the affirmation of God's great love and unwavering stance in his Will for my life. Now I just have to listen and do my best to follow. 

Happy Holiday's everyone! 

Blue Eyes: Vaughn Family Session

By Cory Jackson

Blue eyes!! That kind of blue that you can't stop staring at and just makes you feel like going to the beach. Having been born of the brown eyed pigment coalition I have found blue eyes some of the most amazing things to photograph. And when they are wrapped up in such adorable faces like these it just makes them even more precious. Riley, Madison, and Alexis are very proud owners of their parents hand me down blue eyes! These girls gave hugs the first time I met them and have such an amazing spirit and energy. It was a pleasure to photograph them and enjoy an afternoon with everyone. I hope you enjoy these little souls that are captured in BLUE!! 

Model: Celeste

By Cory Jackson

A few weeks back I got a call from a great photographer friend, Bill Alewine of Alewine Photography. He asked if I wanted to join in on shooting a model he had set up some trade work with. (That's photog lingo for each side gets free images to use in their portfolio)  I've been wanting to get some time with a model so I could try some artistic posing and in a setting a little more structured than a wedding event. (I got to set up shots and get the emotion I wanted to see..vs the raw emotions of candids)  I met Bill and Celeste downtown and we had a great time just cruising the streets and finding whatever looked cool. These are a few of the shots from that day and it's definitely something I'm going to be doing more of. Enjoy!

Senior Portrait: Jasmine!!

By Cory Jackson

I got the chance to document what I'm sure will be a very successful young lady's last moments as a high school senior. Jasmine is a highly sought after athlete here in Texas and I'm thinking after the world see's her pictures here she may be sought after for some modeling. I met up with Jasmine and Tara (Mom) in Georgetown square and we had a good chance to talk, hang out, and oh yeah...take pictures. She's a wonderful young lady and I'm glad we got the chance to meet. Keep an eye out for her someday on the basketball courts in a town near you. She has a great family and supporting friends, so her future is very bright! Thanks Jaz for letting me hang out and for your smiles! Enjoy. 


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