Crazy Summer!!

By Cory Jackson

Hi Everyone! I'm happy to say that I'm still alive and survived this crazy Austin summer by staying so busy I didn't have time to breathe really. I'm going to be a man of few words these next few posts so I can simply show you the work I've been creating during my hiatus. Hope you enjoy the next few days of images!!

Senior Session: Veronica

By Cory Jackson

I got to meet Veronica a few weeks back for her Senior session at Mayfield Garden near Laguna Gloria. In between getting so startled I almost peed my pants from the sound of 'singing' (really screaming) peacock's and about three other photographers having sessions at the very same time...Veronica and I were able to get these great images! She's a super cool young lady who just happens to be going to my neck of the woods for college...Texas Tech..put yo gun's up! 

Have fun at school and enjoy your last summer at home! Get ready for a few dust storms up there! 


Burleson Family session!!

By Cory Jackson

Ok! I know....seriously I KNOW! I've been a horrible steward of the blogging world. I have about ten sessions in line to get on this thing and it's just a matter of making the time between my insane Groupon offer chaos and my amazing weddings coming up! "I can do it! I can do zzzzzz shng grld it!!" 

This is a holiday session I did for the Burleson's and is the as promised successor of the previous post. This was a lot of people with a lot of love and personality! Each piece of the family definitely made up the sum! I hope you enjoy and I am off to schedule the next post to come out tomorrow!! And then the next day...and then the next day...and then...maybe some sleep! I love being busy!! 

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